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Wire Payments

Efficient and smooth world-wide money transfers with a personal touch the big banks could never offer. We offer, along with a variety of currencies, attractive exchange rates, and robust network of affiliated financial institutions, ensuring flexibility and promptness with international transfers. We will personally onboard, vet, and verify your vendors, in order to protect your funds. Our service team is available 24/7

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Payment Methods

TransferClear understands the ever-growing demand in the fast moving sphere of global payment preferences. With customer acquisition costs and fierce competition in a constant climb, we KNOW how crucial it is to be able to accept and convert as many transactions as possible. Our growing list of alternative payment methods ensures that our clients can meet their client’s needs.

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Merchant Services

TransferClear boasts a wide array of industry leading acquiring partners, enabling our customers to easily decide what merchant account best suits their business. Our services are supported across all partner acquisition channels for your convenience. Simply choose the account that works for you, and we will guide through the facilitation process with ease.

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Gateway Services

TransferClear will help you find the gateways services to suit your business. With top industry providers and our services to match, let our knowledge help speed up your go-to-market strategy.

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Risk Management &
Fraud Prevention

We are integrated with multiple shopping cart solutions, so you can choose from the best range of e-commerce solutions that provide: *Customizable shopping cart to reflect your business *Stress free payment and shipping options 7


About Us

founded in 2018

As "customer-centric" payment industry leaders, our top priority is ensuring we stay ahead of the curve, by offering our clients the most advanced toolset for alternative payment options. Our global client base comes with its challenges, but our continuous aim is to exceed expectations. TransferClear was founded in 2018 by a team of industry professionals, with years of experience in the financial services sector, and with a clear vision of facilitating access to a variety of online payment solutions to all our partners and consumers worldwide. We now offer a wide variety of end to end solutions for the online payment industry, as well as e-money programs for consumers and corporations alike. Transparency, transactional security, and the safety of our clients’ funds top the list of our priorities.



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