Merchant Services

Do you trade globally?

TransferClear boasts a wide array of industry leading acquiring partners, enabling our customers to easily decide what merchant account best suits their business. Our services are supported across all partner acquisition channels for your convenience. Simply choose the account that works for you, and we will guide through the facilitation process with ease.


Alternative Payment

Alternative Payment Methods

Customer demand, unlimited options

TransferClear understands the ever-growing demand in the fast moving sphere of global payment preferences. With customer acquisition costs and fierce competition in a constant climb, we KNOW how crucial it is to be able to accept and convert as many transactions as possible. Our growing list of alternative payment methods ensures that our clients can meet their client’s needs.

Benefits for your business

  • Cutting edge payment technology, Increased margins, and Happy customers

  • New Markets=New Revenue

    A growing list of international and localized APM's to help you expand your global footprint
  • Local, the new global

    Customize your product offering, to localized purchase preferences, making it easy for your end users.

Shopping Carts

Shopping Carts:
Diversify your offering

New Shopping Cart, anyone?

We are integrated with multiple shopping cart solutions, so you can choose from the best range of e-commerce solutions that provide: *Customizable shopping cart to reflect your business *Stress free payment and shipping options

Benefits for your business

  • Gain Valuable Insights

    Essential tools, supported by our industry expertise will help you gain new and valuable insights
  • Increase Conversion

    Flexible, multi-currency payment processing and settlements enable you to attract localized business.
  • Increase Market Share

    Expand your processing footprint in both existing and new markets.


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