Gateway Services

a secure way for your customers

Basically a payment gateway is a secure way for your customers to enter their payment information, including credit & debit card details, on your website. It encrypts their data (via SSL) and works with your bank to determine if the payment is legit. If it is then the money will quickly make its way to your bank account. If not then the payment will be rejected and you can avoid painful chargeback fees.


Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway Costs

You likely want to get all the services mentioned above for a low monthly price.

However, just make sure you don’t end up penny wise and pound foolish. There are four costs you need to be aware for that will determine how much ultimately pay for your payment gateway.

One time Set-up Fee: €0 – €1250
Monthly Fee: €10 – €150
Transaction Fee: €0.01 – €0.25
Transaction Rate: 1.00-5.00% (may be charged by your merchant account provider rather than payment gateway provider)

Benefits for your business

  • Fully customised solutions

    We'll work closely with you to customise your payment processing needs to best suit your eCommerce strategy.
  • Performance driven design

    Our partner platform’s are scalable, adapting to changing requirements to support you as you grow your business.
  • Grow sales volume and value

    Paving the way to a rapid and smooth implementation with on-going dedicated technical support.


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